The chart of the week looks at a couple items related to the Federal Reserve. First, on the left side, the chart shows the dates of the 8 Fed meetings for 2024. These will all be very important dates to keep track of. Second, on the top, the chart shows the ranges of expected federal funds rates. As you can see in the top right box, according to this estimate, there is about a 93% chance that the Fed funds rate will stay in the current range of 525-550 at the January meeting. In the March meeting, there is a 62% chance that the Fed cuts rates 0.25% to the 500-525 range. According to this chart, there is about a 34.9% chance that we will see 6 rate cuts of 0.25% each for 2024. This is just an estimate but a good visual on how we may see rates cut throughout the year. We will find out the first decision in a couple of weeks at the January Fed meeting.

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